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We are a comprehensive BDO solution that aims to detect and deter fraud in all types of organizations, fostering a transparent and compliance organizational culture. Our service includes the provision of communication channels and technologies for the reception, administration, and response of reports related to fraud, non-compliance, and anomalous situations, made by employees, customers and suppliers of an organization, and their subsequent classification and referral to the integrity committees defined by our clients for their treatment.

Our Services

Ethics Line

Provision of multiple communication channels that provide coverage 24 x 7 x 365 for the reception and monitoring of the report of irregularities in an anonymous, confidential and secure way. see more


We plan and execute solid dissemination campaigns on the use of the Ethics Line through the design of communication graphics and reminder articles adapted to stakeholders.

Presentations & Talks

We provide launch talks & training to stakeholders on the use of the Ethics Line , its features, and the advantages of its implementation.

Change Management

We develop initiatives to facilitate the involvement of all members of the organization, minimizing resistance to change and ensuring the success of the initiative.

How does BDO Ethics Line work?

Our understanding of a successful implementation comprises a cycle made up of four feedback stages. The execution of the investigation, closing the process, must have the possibility of interacting infinitely with the initial phase, with the aim of giving the investigators the possibility of making new requests to the informant, as well as receiving additional information. Finally, this interaction allows to thank and notify the complainants in the cases that they have chosen not to advance in the investigation process, a practice that contributes to the success and confidence of the collaborators in this initiative.

The complaint is received through the available channels, guaranteeing anonymity, so no record of IPs or calls is kept. The complainant is given a traceability code to continue interacting anonymously during the investigations.

A trained team guides the complainant during the process under a structured protocol, with the aim of collecting the highest quantity and quality of information possible. Subsequently, it analyzes the information provided, and the supporting documentation that may be attached. Finally, he makes a report that he will send to the Ethics Committee , strictly private and confidential.

The Ethics Committee will evaluate the complaint received, based on what was reported by the specialist, and will coordinate the actions to be taken with internal and external resources relevant to each case.

Designated researchers will work under a previously defined protocol. Thanks to the tracking code delivered to the informant in Step 1 , they have the possibility of contacting him, anonymously through the web management tool, and being able to send him a message of thanks, or information requests additional.


Main detection mechanism


Suppliers, customers, and other third parties


Outside of working hours


Outside of working hours

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